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How to Stop Your Dog from Barking in Chicago, IL

Dog yawning

You can help your dog to stop barking with proper socialization. If your pup is poorly socialized, they may bark at people or other dogs excessively. You can also take them for a long walk to get them to calm down and rest.

You need to get to the cause of the barking to help your dog. Check out this article if you want to know how to stop your dog from barking.


Barking is one of the methods that dogs connect with us. You do not want to discourage your pup from barking. However, there are points that your dog may be barking too loudly or too much. If you want to get your dog to stop barking excessively, you should first learn why your pup is barking so much in the first place.

Pups bark when they are hungry when they are bored, or if they are in an area where other pups are barking. Each type of barking means something different. If your canine is barking excessively, you can teach them to bark only when it is appropriate or bark on command.

There is a fine line when teaching your pup to stop barking excessively. You do not want to punish them or make them feel bad, but you also do not want to reward inappropriate barking. It may take some stages for your pup to learn but be patient with them, and you will see results. The following include some of the reasons why dogs bark:


Territorial barking is when someone is invading your pup’s territory, and they want to let that someone know that they are crossing the line. Your dog’s territory includes the area around their home or area your pup identifies as their territory, such as wherever you walk your dog around the neighborhood.

Your dog may bark at:

  • Mail Carrier

  • Neighbors

  • Another dog

  • Another animal, such as a cat

It may be inappropriate barking, but it is normal for pups to bark because they feel territorial. They may also be territorial of you and bark when someone tries to get near you. You must redirect their behavior and teach them not to bark excessively at people or other animals.


Alert barking is your dog’s way of letting you know that they have seen something or heard a noise that may have been disturbing or that they are not familiar with that sight or the noise. Alert barking is when your pup senses a change in their environment. There may also be something triggering them, such as birds, cars, and neighbors.


Your dog may be barking for your attention. They may want to be petted or played with. They may also want food or to go for a walk so they can go potty. However, be cautious with this type of barking. Your dog may bark excessively at you during a terrible time for them to do so.

Your pup knows how to turn on the charm, and they may bark for your attention when you are trying to sit and have coffee with a friend or family member. In a situation like this, it is best to have them trained to be patient and allow you to have your visit.


Social barking is when your pup hears other dogs barking, and they begin to bark as well. Your dog barking is a natural response to stimuli, and your puppy is taking their cue from the other dogs. They may be with you at the dog park, or you may just be walking around the neighborhood.


Your dog may bark at you when you get home from a long work day, and they have not seen you for hours. Your dog may have separation anxiety, or they may just be greeting you. You may see your pup excited with their tail wagging and smiling happily.



Dog barking is a natural thing for your pup to do. However, there are instances in which dog barking can be inappropriate or may become a problem. If your pup is barking excessively, there are some things you can do to get them to stop:


If you find that your pup is very hyper and barking a lot, they may need more exercise and playtime. When your dog gets exercise, they expend energy. It tires them out, and they will tend to want to take a rest afterward. Exercise benefits both of you by giving you and your pup bonding time. If you observe your dog barking a lot, try playing a game of catch with them, which may calm them down.


Poorly socialized dogs may have difficulty barking excessively. They may not be adequately socialized with other dogs or people, which could make them overly protective of their relationship with you. It can lead to problem barking because your dog does not know how to acclimate themselves to a situation where there are people and other animals.

The best thing to do is to try to socialize them more by taking them for walks in public areas or taking them to the dog park if you feel it is appropriate. Begin small and build your way up to it if it is more comfortable for you and your pup. Expose your dog to new situations gradually; eventually, they will learn what is appropriate behavior and what is not.


When your dog is not mentally invigorated, they can get bored quickly, which may cause them to bark excessively. There are plenty of food puzzles or games you can give your pup, such as a KONG treat dispensing toy, which will alleviate their boredom. It benefits a dog who barks a lot due to separation anxiety. If you are away from home, your pup will be too busy to bark excessively.


Dogs tend to be extremely food motivated, and you can train your dog using treats. Command your pup to “speak,” and give them a treat when they bark. Repeat the process until they have learned that if you command them to bark and listen, they will get a treat.

Once your pup has mastered this exercise, move on to using the command “quiet” when your dog barks. When they stop barking, give them a treat. Keep reinforcing the behavior, and your dog will learn that they will get a treat if they are quiet.



Your dog may bark a lot due to anxiety, and some great items on the market can help. One of them is an anxiety jacket made from breathable fabric that applies gentle pressure and calms them down. It is called a Thundershirt, and it can calm your dog if they hear thunder or fireworks and help with separation anxiety.



There are numerous reasons why your pup may be barking excessively. You want to find out the cause of the barking, so you can better help them. You can try exercising them more or giving them a food puzzle to occupy them. Getting to the source of the difficulty and addressing it will help your dog overcome their inappropriate barking.


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